Research Staff

The instrument establishing the Centre enables it to draw its Research Fellows from various disciplines both from within and outside the University. The Research Centre has no formal academic teaching programmes. Its Research Fellows discharge their teaching obligations as members of faculty of their various academic departments, while its Junior Research Fellows are required to be registered Ph.D. candidates from various academic departments. The Research Staff relate at the Centre to execute the Centre's research programmes under the overall direction of the Centre's Director, assisted by specific Research programme Coordinators. The in-house research staff is currently made up of the following:

Prof Olofin S. O. Olofin[Director & Research Professor];
B.Sc., M.Sc.Econs. (Ibadan), M.A., Ph.D. Princeton). Professor of Economics, University of Ibadan, Ibadan. Research areas include: Macroeconomics, Development Economics, International Economics, and Econometric. View CV
Prof Iwayemi A. P. Iwayemi - [Deputy Director & Research Professor]' B.Sc. (1st classhonours Ibadan), Ph.D. (John Hopkins), Professor of Economics , University of Ibadan, Ibadan. Current research areas include:, Energy Economics, Economic Development, Quantitative Economics. Computer Applications in Economics. View CV

J.O. Iyaniwura - [Research Professor]: B.Sc., M.Sc. (Ibadan; Ph.D. (Exeter); Professor of Statistics, University of Ibadan, Ibadan. Current research areas inc
lude, Sampling, Econometrics, and Numerical Analysis. View CV

Prof Adenikinju A. F. Adenikinju - [Research Professor]: M.sc. Economics, Ph.D. Economics. (Ibadan), Research interests include Economic Modelling and Energy Economics, International Trade and Development. View CV

Prof Ogunkola

O. Ogunkola - [ Research Professor]: M.Sc. Economics (Ibadan), Ph.D. Economics (Ibadan), Lecturer in Economics, University of Ibadan. Research interest include Public Enterprises Economics, Energy .Economics" Monetary Economics, International Development Economics, Econometric and Computer Applications. View CV
Olabisi Ugbebor - [ Research Professor]: B.Sc. Mathematics (Ibadan), Dip. Stat., Ph.D. Mathematics (London). Lecturer in Mathematics, University of Ibadan. Research interest include Probability Theory/Stochastic Processes and their Applications, Financial Mathematics. View CV
O. Olaniyan - [Senior Research Fellow]: B.Ed; M. Sc (Econs) PhD Ibadan. Research intrest include: Development Economics, Poverty, Income Distributionand Labour Market Issues, Industrial Economics, Economics of Education and Economics of Health and Nutrition. View CV
Dr Adewuyi A.O. Adewuyi - [Research Fellow]:BSc.(Econs) M.Sc (Econs), Ph.D Ibadan. Research intrest include: Trade and Development, Trade and Finance, Industrial Economics, Micro and Macroeconomics Modelling and Analysis. View CV
O.E. Olubusoye - [Senior Research Fellow]: BSc.(Ilorin) M.Sc (Stat.), Ph.D (Ibadan) Research interest include: Macroeconomics, Monetary, Labour and Development Economics. View CV
Dr Adepoju A.A Adepoju - [Research Fellow]: BSc.(Ilorin) M.Sc (Stat), Ph.D [Ibadan]. View CV
A. Aminu - [Research Fellow]: BSc.(Econs) M.Sc (Econs), Ph.D Ibadan. View CV
B. Fowowe - [Research Fellow]: BSc.(Econs) (Ilorin) M.Sc (Econs) (Liecester), Ph.D (Kent). View CV
Dr Afees Salisu
A.A Salisu - [Senior Research Fellow]: BSc.(Econs) M.Sc (Econs) (Ibadan), Ph.D. Research areas include: Econometrics, Macroeconomics, Development Economics, International Economics and Quantitative techniques. View CV
Dr Oyinlola
M. A. Oyinlola - [Research Fellow]: BSc. (Econs) M.Sc (Econs) (Ibadan), Ph.D. View CV
A. E. Olowookere - [Research Fellow]: BSc. (Econs) M.Sc (Econs) (Ibadan), Ph.D. View CV
S. Orekoya - [Research Fellow]: BSc. (Econs) M.Sc (Econs) (Ibadan), Ph.D. View CV
P. A. Omosebi - [Graduate Assistant]: B.Sc. (Maths)(Ilorin); M.Sc (Info. Sc.) (Ibadan). Research interest include: Informetrics, Management of Information Systems, Quantitative techniques, Database Management Systems, Internet Technology, Web Content Development and Economics of Information. View CV
Kazeem Isah - [Graduate Assistant]:B.Sc Econs (Sokoto); M.Sc Econs (Ibadan);. Research interest include International Economics, Econometrics, Energy Economics, and Economic Modelling. View CV
Tirimisiyu F. Oloko - [Graduate Assistant]:B.Sc Econs (Ilorin); M.Sc Econs (Ibadan);. Research interest include International Economics, Energy Economics, and Economic Modelling. View CV
Ahamuefula E. Ogbonna - [Graduate Assistant]:B.Sc Statistics (Ibadan); M.Sc Statistics (Ibadan);. Research interest include Macroeconomics, Econometrics. View CV
Mr Oni
O. Oni - [Administrative Officer]:B.Sc Agric Extension (Ibadan). View CV
U.S Ekanem - [Personal Assistant to the Director]

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